The idea of “On-time Wall Clock” was conceived guided by ease, simplicity and great aesthetics. It’s “Smart Installation”, without the need to drill or use screws on the wall. It’s “Clear Visibility” as the On-Time Wall Clock can be placed and stands out on any type of surface whether it be glass, steel, marble, wallpaper, or any dry flat wall. It’s “Simple Aesthetics” that add a touch of design to any space.

The version of clock follow by clock hand design.

First Clock Design in 2007 for this Concept

- Version 1 (V1) Design in 2010

- Version 2 (V2) Design in 2017

- Version 2M (V2M) Design in 2020

- Version 3 (V3) Design in 2018

On-Time : Model Version 1 (V1)

The hands that are different from normal clock hands. Design clock hand sizing Widely and Clearly seen in the distance. Feeling look durable Modern design Timeless design

Package size : 18 x 28 x 4 CM.

Weight : 2.5 kg. (1 Package)

Installed diameter : 48-60 Cm. (Follow Paper Pattern Guide)

Material : Aluminium Hand, Plastic Body

Design Awarded 2010 : Design Excellent Award (Demark Thailand), Good Design Award (G-Mark Japan)

Awarded 2013 : SME Inno Award (Thailand)

On-Time : Model Version 2 

The hands of the clock become narrower. But the length is the same as the Version 1 model, giving a feeling of lightness and elegance

Package : 18 x 28 x 4 CM.

Weight : 2.5 kg. (1 Package)

Installed diameter : 56 Cm. (Follow Paper Pattern Guide)

Material : Aluminium Hand, Plastic Body

On-Time V2 : Black - Rose Gold

On-Time : Model Version 3 

Package : - CM.

Installed diameter : 60 Cm. 

Material : Aluminium Hand, Plastic Body, Brass Cover

Installation By Peel + Stick 

Easy installation on any surfaces no drilling into the wall 

Download Pattern For installed Marker