On-Time wall clock / Brand Since 2007 / Awarded 2010 / Development to Present The pioneer concept of our product "ON-TIME CLOCK" First Concept is smart installation, everyone can do it by themselves. We no need drilling or screw on the wall. This has been creative design by
Mr.PANURAT SAENGTHEAN, since 2007. Our product easy installation on any surface such as glass, steel, tiles, marble, wallpapers, dry wall etc.

Mr. Panurat Saengthean


Designer & CEO & Founder

Behind this creative time-teller is Panurat Sangthean. He started his design career as a mobile phone designer who has a strong passion for simple yet functional designs. The On-Time Wall Clock was born in 2007 and since then, this time-teller has grown in its popularity and can be spotted in many beautiful spaces and beautiful homes around the world. Time has never been so cool.


Tsuen Jer Enterprise Co., Ltd. as Authorized Manufacturer.


2007 : Founded "On-time wall clock" / Released to Local Market

2009 : Show case / First Exhibition on "PLAYSANG" No.4 at Thailand Creative Design Center (TCDC) 

2010 : Started Thailand International Fair At Big&Bih 2010

2010 : Patented Design "Wall Clock"

2010 : Awarded - Design Excellence Award (Demark, Thailand) - Good Design Award (G-Mark, Japan) 

2013 : Awarded - Thailand Inno Award 2013 "Creative product"

2014 : Started International Fair exhibition / Hongkong gift & premium fair is the first exhibition and more country after.

2015 : Product development with standardized production. Tsuen Jer Enterprise Co., Ltd. the best of clock factory

2017 : Tsuen Jer Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan Company) as Authorized Manufacturer. China Factory base production.

Present we are still design and development good product to our customer.

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